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bar Welcome to Converged Network Solutions.

We make communications simple. We combine all your communications — wireless and wireline, broadband and voice — on a single IP network. Now you can:
  • Enjoy seamless mobile applications and total coverage — designed for wireless communications indoors or out
  • Greet the new and exciting generation of smart phones now available to extend mobile applications
  • Augment, replace, and consolidate traditional land mobile radio with a single-function rugged GPS handset. Use phones as walkie-talkies in emergencies or during network outages with Direct TalkSM
  • Communicate with a large group all at once — in under a second with Group Connect®
You stay connected to data, applications and users who now only need one phone number, one email address, one mailbox, and one user name. The result is any-to-any access to people and information even when moving across traditional connectivity boundaries such as from wireless to wireline, cellular to WiFi, or from outdoors to inside.

Sprint Converged Network Solutions provides a complete solution that includes:
  • A thorough analysis of business needs and site requirements
  • Custom network design and build
  • Full equipment installation
  • Ongoing management and support — which allows wireless applications to be fully effective in every corner of the enterprise campus
Why incur the expense and complexity of operating multiple networks? We offer a fully managed solution backed up by years of proven expertise. As business requirements change, you stay in control — without the gamble of designing, setting up, and managing your own network.

Organizations and users communicate the way they prefer — filling a diversity of needs with a unified resource — for vastly simplified management, technology deployment, and change.

See how — in healthcare, higher education, and manufacturing.
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